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Biryani dishes and Tandoori Specialities

Main dishes

Biryani Dishes

The biryani is a royal dish of Mughul origin. This recipe combines rice plus the meat of your choice with garlic, ginger, fresh herbs and spices. All served with a curry sauce to your specified strength.

Vegetable £9.95

Chicken £9.95

Lamb £10.95

Prawn £10.95

King Prawn £13.95

Royal Biryani £12.95

Mixture of chicken, lamb, prawn and roasted nuts.

Tandoori specialties

The tandoor is a bee hive shaped, top-opening earthen oven. In it we roast or bake various marinated meats, vegetables & breads, all marinated in mildly spiced yoghurt. They are low in calories, nutritious, delicious & easily digested. All tandoori dishes are served with rice, salad and curry sauce.

Chicken Tikka £13.95

Lamb Tikka £14.95

Seekh Kebab £13.95

Lamb Chops £14.95

Chicken Wings £11.95

King Prawn Tandoori £17.95

Mixed Grill £15.95

Mixture of chicken tikka, lamb tikka, seekh kebaba and chicken wings.