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Draught beer, bottled beer, cider, whisky, whiskey, vodka, gin, rum and liquers

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Draught beer

Kingfisher half pint £3.50 pint £4.50

Bottled beer and cider

Cobra 330ml £3.50

Kingfisher 330ml £3.50

Magners 330ml £3.50


Dalwhinnie 15-Year-old £4.95

A big, crisp, dry and very aromatic nose with hints of heather and peat.

Talisker 10-Year-old £4.95

South Africa’s classic white grape varietal, this Chenin Blanc has mouthwatering tropical fruits balanced by racy acidity.

Cragganmore 12-Year-old £4.95

Very fruity, delicate, vivid and vibrant.

Oban 14-Year-old £4.95

Rich sweetness and fruits on the nose with some sea salt and peaty smokiness.

Lagavulin 16-Year-old £4.95

The description goes here.

Glenkinchie 12-Year-old £4.95

Aromatic vanilla and cut flowers beneath a clean, toasty note. Increasingly sweet and creamy with fresh lemon cheesecake on the nose.

Laphroaig 10-Year-old £4.95

Sparkling gold in colour with huge smoke on the nose. Medicinal with a hint of sweetness.

Glenmorangie Original £4.95

Pale lemony-golden colour. The scent of citrus and ripening peaches is softened by the aroma of vanilla.

Blends and whiskies

The Famous Grouse £3.95

Jameson £3.95

Jack Daniel’s £3.95


Smirnoff £3.50

Grey Goose £4.95

Belvedere £4.95

Roberto Cavalli £6.95


Gordon’s £3.50

Bombay Sapphire £3.50

Hendrick’s £3.50


Bacardi Superior £3.50

Havana Club £3.50

OVD £3.50


Luxardo Amaretto £3.95

Luxardo Sambuca £3.95

Disaronno Amaretto £3.95

Malibu £3.95

Southern Comfort £3.95

Bailey £3.95

Tai Maria £3.95

Glayva £3.95

Campari £3.95

Pernod £3.95

Drambuie £3.95

Cointreau £3.95

Grand Marnier £3.95

Patrón XO Café £3.95