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À la Carte

Our Indian and Punjabi dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients – cooked to perfection by our head chef, Mr Abdul.

If you don’t see your favourite dish listed, our chefs will happily prepare it for you.

Dishes can be prepared with lamb (£1.50 extra), prawns (£1.95 extra) or king prawns (£3.50 extra)


Poppadum £0.65 

A large circular piece of thin bread made from ground lentils and fried in oil.

Pickle Tray £3.95

A selection of mango chutney, green mint and corriander homemade chutney, spicy onions, mint sauce,chilli sauce and tamarind sauce.

Grill and Tandoori Specials

Chicken Tikka £4.95 

Lamb Tikka £5.95 

Seekh Kebab £4.95 

Lamb Chops £6.95 

Mix Kebab £6.95

Mixture of chicken tikka, seekh kebab and lamb tikka

Chicken wings £4.95 

King Prawn Tandoori £6.95 

Medium spiced king prawns cooked in the tandoor.

House Pakora

Deep fried in crispy batter with mild spices.

Vegetable Pakora £3.95

Chicken Pakora £4.95

Mushroom Pakora £3.50

Assorted Pakora £3.95

Traditional Samosa

Lightly spiced mince lamb or vegetables cooked in a crispy pastry, served with some salad and sauce.

Vegetable Samosa £4.50 

Keema Samosa (Mince) £4.50

Additional Starters

Pooris £5.95

Light Indian pancake smothered with a tangy sweet and sour sauce, filled with one of the following: prawn, chana, mushroom or chicken.

Garlic Mushrooms £4.95

Spiced Mushrooms £4.95 

Mushrooms drenched in garlic or spicy sauce.

Shezan Specialities (Mains)

Chicken Jalfrezi £11.95 

Jalfrezi is a spicy dish made with yoghurt, selected herbs and spices to give a thick and spicy sauce.

North Indian Chilli Garlic Chicken £10.95 

Barbecued fillets of chicken breast, fresh green chilli, fresh garlic and cooked in a special medium spiced sauce.

Punjabi Garlic Chicken Masala £10.95 

Tender breast of chicken cooked tikka style and sautéed in cumin butter with finely chopped garlic. Ideally served medium strength or hotter.

Chicken Tikka Masala £10.95 

Tandoori spices cooked in a yoghurt sauce with herbs and spices, which give the dish a slightly hot and tasty sauce, served in a Karahi dish.

Chicken Chasni £10.95 

Marinated tandoori chicken cooked in a creamy sauce with yoghurt and cream and served in a Karahi dish.

Chicken Tikka Achari £10.95 

Achari is a well-known dish made with pickle, spices, split chilli and liberally laced with coriander. Slightly hot.

Chicken Rogan Josh £11.95 

Breast of chicken in Bhoona sauce garnished with onions, garlic and tomatoes.

Ceylonese Curry £10.95 

A hot dish prepared with coconut, lemon, green chillies, strong spices and fresh herbs.

Chicken Jaipuri £11.95 

Tandoori pieces served with fried onions, fried mushrooms and green peppers. A dry, tasty dish served on a sizzling platter.

Special Karahi Bhoona £11.95 

We prepare this dish in a traditional cast iron Karahi with onions, capsicums, tomatoes, fenugreek leaves, fresh ginger and garlic.

Madras (Hot) £10.95 

A very popular dish delivered from the southern part of India. Prepared with garlic, chill & lemon juice.

Vindaloo (Very Hot) £10.95 

A hot, moist classic curry to make your palate dance – extra hot.

Patia £10.95 

Sweet, sour and tangy.

Balti £11.95 

Marinated in fresh herbs, ginger, garlic and exotic spices giving a delicious flavour. Charcoal cooked in a special copper Balti dish and served to your table.

Korma £10.95 

Sweet and creamy coconut dish (mild)

Shahi Korma 

£10.95 Cream and coconut with mixed roasted nuts.

Desi Korma £10.95 

Cream and coconut with added spices.

Karahi £11.95 

This method of cooking is centuries old. The Karahi is a traditional cast iron Indian cooking bowl. Many centuries ago the mighty armies of the Moghul dynasty used it as a multi-purpose preparation, cooking and eating utensil. We prepare these dishes with herbs, spices, masala sauce, fresh garlic and ginger. A truly wondrous dish.

Chicken Dhansak £10.95 

Medium spiced slow-cooked with yellow lentils.

Butter Chicken £10.95 

Chicken cooked in creamy rich sauce made with honey, cream and butter.

Bhuna £10.95 

Caramelised onions, fresh ginger and garlic with pureed tomatoes and fresh coriander in a dry medium sauce.

Keema, Aloo and Peas £11.95 

Minced lamb and potatoes cooked with peas Desi style.

Tawa £12.95 

Boneless chicken breast dry cooked with onions and spices, served on charred onion platter topped with coriander and spring onions. Sweet and sour, but tangy.

Chef’s special £14.95 

Chicken, prawn and lamb mixed together, spicy, minty, lemon and fresh chillies.

Biryani Dishes

The biryani is a royal dish of Mughul origin. This recipe combines rice plus the meat of your choice with garlic, ginger, fresh herbs and spices. All served with a curry sauce to your specified strength.

Vegetable £9.95 

Chicken £9.95 

Lamb £10.95 

Prawn £10.95 

King Prawn £13.95 

Royal Biryani £12.95 

Mixture of chicken, lamb, prawn and roasted nuts.

Tandoori specialties

The tandoor is a bee hive shaped, top-opening earthen oven. In it we roast or bake various marinated meats, vegetables & breads, all marinated in mildly spiced yoghurt. They are low in calories, nutritious, delicious & easily digested. All tandoori dishes are served with rice, salad and curry sauce.

Chicken Tikka £13.95 

Lamb Tikka £14.95 

Seekh Kebab £13.95 

Lamb Chops £14.95 

Chicken Wings £11.95 

King Prawn Tandoori £17.95 

Mixed Grill £15.95 

Mixture of chicken tikka, lamb tikka, seekh kebaba and chicken wings.

Vegetarian dishes

These dishes are also available as side orders for £3.95 each

Dishes can be prepared with lamb (£1.50 extra) prawns (£1.95 extra) or king prawns (£2.50 extra)

Aloo Gobi £7.95 

Potato and cauliflower.

Mixed Vegetables £7.95 

A selection of traditional curried vegetables.

Saag £7.95 


Kabi Chana £7.95 


Tarka Daal £7.95

Lentils cooked with garlic and ginger in butter.

Mushroom Bhaji £7.95 

Mushrooms cooked in a selective sauce.

Aloo Saag £7.95 

Potato and spinach.

Saag Paneer £8.50

Spinach and Indian cheeses.*

Paneer Tikka Masala £8.50

Fresh onion and green peppers.*

Daal Makhani £8.50

Five seasons of mixed daal.*


Pilau Rice (Basmati) (Homemade Desi) £3.50 

Steamed Rice (Basmati) £3.50 

Special Shezan Rice (Basmati) £3.95 

Cooked with pepper, mushroom and onions

Kashmiri Rice (Fruity) £3.95 

Cooked with a mix of fresh fruits

Keema Rice (Mince) £3.95 

Minced lamb cooked with basmati rice

Vegetable Rice £3.95 

Basmati rice cooked with a mixture of fresh potatoes, carrots, peas and green beans.

Tandoori Bread

Nan Bread £3.50 

Keema Nan £4.95 

Minced lamb.

Masala Nan (Spicy) £3.95 

Spicy nan cooked in the tandoor.

Peshwari Nan £4.50 

Stuffed with sultanas and cashews.

Garlic Nan £3.95 

Fresh pureed garlic and coriander.

Tandoori Paratha £3.50 

A flaky bread stuffed with butter.

Tandoori Roti £1.50 

A slightly crispy chapati cooked in the tandoor.


Poppadums £0.65 

Spiced Onions £1.95 

Mango Chutney £1.95 

Mixed Pickle £1.95 

Raita £1.95 

Salad £3.95 

Fries £3.95 

European dishes and children’s menu


All European dishes are served with French fries and a garnish.

Traditional Fish and Chips £12.95

The batter can be cooked using gram flour (gluten free). Please ask our staff if you require the gluten free option for this dish.

Fried Chicken £12.95 

Children’s menu

Chicken Korma £6.95 

Chicken Patia £6.95 

Chicken Curry £6.95 

All of the above served with rice or mini nan.

Fish and Chips £8.95

Chicken Nuggets and Chips £8.95

The batter for Fish and Chips and Chicken Nuggets can be cooked using gram flour (gluten free). Please ask our staff if you require the gluten free option for this dish.

Dietary requirements

Please make our staff aware of any allergies you may have; some food may contain nuts or wheat. We do not use any artificial colours or preservatives in any of our dishes. If you don’t see your favourite dish listed. Our chefs will happily prepare if for you. We pride ourselves on the quality of our food and prepare all our dishes on the premises – so please be patient with us. Good food and great taste takes time but we guarantee it will be well worth the wait.